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Buying & Selling A Vehicle Through Our Showroom

Showroom vehicle sales...

Here at Mathewson's we have been supplying vehicles through our showroom since 1970 and will continue to do so regardless of the success & popularity of the Auction side of our business. 

We believe the Auction success is due to this invaluable experience and will continue to serve that important established customer base through our showroom. Therefore, a number of showroom vehicles will continue to be available to purchase. The can be viewed here. Showroom Sales.

Unlike the Auction entries these showroom vehicles will be supplied serviced / valeted / delivered / guaranteed.  Also your vehicle can be taken in part-exchange.

Brokerage sales...

The brokerage side of the operation also remains in full operation. So. If you have a vehicle you would prefer us handle outside of the Auction system, please drop us a line.

Sales direct to us...

Also if you have a vehicle you would like to sell 'outright' with an immediate decision and fast payment, again please give us a call.

We will give you an instant decision of interest and aim to view the car within 48hrs to confirm. At that point full payment will be made, either by cash or electronically.