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  • 14-09-2017 13:20:08

We're on TV again !   ITV's 100 year old drivers.

We have found ourselves featuring on many TV programs over the years.

Historically the 'Heartbeat' series based here in Yorkshire helped put us on the map with regard the TV industry as a whole. This then followed with ourselves, our private collection of classic cars and the business location being used by the main stream production teams for the BBC, ITV and Sky channels.

We have appeared on many TV programs and worked with various marketing companies ... To name just a few...

  • The One show
  • Bargain Hunters
  • Chasing Cars
  • Heartbeat
  • The Railway Children
  • Put Your Money Where Your  Mouth Is
  • Antiques Road Trip
  • Brideshead re-visited
  • Britain's Best Drives 
  • 100yr Old Drivers
  • Page & Cooper

And now we're finally getting a series all to ourselves!!

Filming has started on a new 8 episode production, yet to be named, so any ideas? for SKY TV with a camera crew following us here at Mathewsons. They will be following the whole process from the initial contact, to the collection, the marketing, the auction sale and the new home of a number of our entries through the classic car auction operation here in Thornton Le-Dale.

All exciting stuff for the dedicated hard working team at Mathewsons.

We will hopefully have permission soon to publish a couple of the fantastic trailers that have been made for the series.

So keep a look out !!