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**SOLD** 1977 Datsun 280Z


1977 Datsun 280Z

The vendor has supplied the following information.

Imported into the UK  November 2016 with a UK Registration in Feb 2019.

This car has spent time in New Mexico accruing to remnants of paperwork which was in the car.

The usual sun cracked dashboard & sandy film in the engine bay is also testament to the hot and dry climate where it has been cocooned in for all of its US life.

It is a manual 5 speed which is a big plus.

Many 280Z owners take off the injection and air con and replace the injection system with carburetors.

Great door gaps. Great potential.

Take off the horrendous impact bumpers, and weigh them in, and use the funds to buy the sleek and stylish 240 / 260Z type.  

The 280Z concept

The changes of emission rules in California in 1975 for new vehicles from late 75- caused Datsun  (which was the name used for Nissan on export models) to make changes to the 260Z, the upgraded engine replacement for the 240Z.

The new generation of a Datsun sport model, which would be the bloated  280ZX, was not going to be available for another 2 years and due to the on going high demand for the 260Z in 2 seater and 2+2 form, which was then a current model in the US, it was then decided to upgrade the engine to 2.8ltr, strengthen the body/chassis with a heavier gauge steel and offer a 5 speed manual gearbox (though the 3 speed auto box was still an option)  & thus reducing the emission levels to meet the new regulations.

The re designed front and rear bumpers which look so ugly, were fitted to meet the new low speed impact regs.

They were not as sleek as the original design from the Yoshihiko Matsuo team that designed the 240Z which was costed to compete with the dated MGB, and was priced within $200 of the B to compete in this market.These models were only sold in N America.

Many owners of  the 280Z usually leave the bumpers off or replace them with the 240Z style. 

The floor pans are also different than the 240Z and 260Z, although some later 260Z s have the same floor pans as the 280Z, and the door locks were re located on the late 280Z.

The bonnet was also changed cosmetically to accommodate 2 louvered panels, to reduce the heat seemingly of the 2.8 injection engine.

The Japanese turned to Bosch L- Jetronic injection for this engine application.

Although the bodyshape remains the same as the 240/260Z  (once the huge bumpers are removed).

The heavier shell of the 280Z has been a favourite for rally replicas and enthusiasts that remember the rust which ate away many of the UK 240/260 Z population.

These cars are only going to increase in value, and the on going strong US dollar against sterling, will ensure that they will not be reducing in price anytime soon.

Please note that descriptions are produced from information provided by the vendors. We highly recommend that you view in person any potential purchase and take time to inspect paperwork - please call us to arrange an appointment on 01751 477555. Thank you


  • Lot Number: 14
  • Year: 1977
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: 280Z
  • Registration: TLJ 141R
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Engine Size: 2753
  • Estimate: £7250 - £7750