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Firstly I wish to say how much I enjoy Bangers & Cash!

Secondly earlier in the Year you allowed me to inspect a MGB GT V8 even though I informed you that being a MGB GT V8 owner, any inspection was out of interest.

Despite this, although extremely busy, you still assisted me in my quest and was extremely helpful as were all your staff.

I have been reading your reviews with interest noting the vast majority of very positive comments and saddened by a few sour comments.

I felt it was necessary to comment and offer support as I believe a few individuals have unrealistic expectations and forget that you are running a business.

Although I appreciate that a TV programme will allow a certain amount of enhancement the basic appeal of the integrity of your business remains intact!

Thankfully you and your staff have not succumbed to the stardom of appearing on the show. The format is great, allowing casual watchers to get an appreciation of the various models and makes you have on offer.

I really appreciate the insight you give and the personal rapport you have with the sellers of the vehicles.

I believe you restore faith in motor traders although I know that some that appear on your programme, I could never deal with.

Thanks again for all your efforts and of your staff and hope to visit again next year.

Best regards


Robert Rose 07-11-2019