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Big thank you Derek and your team for the sale of 1969 Mercedes SE and very fast payment Happy Christmas all best for the New Year!

Alan B 18-12-2020

Just to say that I visited today all the way from Cumbria and want to thank the staff for being so friendly and helpful - you have some amazing cars in and I can't wait until auction day! May I add Derek that you have the best job in the world!!

Neil H 19-01-2020

We would just like to thank everyone at Mathewsons who helped us and guided us through our first classic car auction experience. Really friendly and helpful advice throughout. 

Paul A 06-06-2020

Can I just send out a big thank you for all you did to get our 3 vehicles the best prices in your auction. My dad was overjoyed - so a big, big thank you for helping us. 

Although dad has recently passed on, he wanted us to thank you call very much and wish you the best.

Stu C 18-10-2020

Huge BIG thank you for bidding on my behalf for Lambretta poster which l was thrilled to win in the Nov auction

My Husband is going to be so surprised when he opens it Christmas Day and you then kindly sent it to me in the post and it arrived safe and sound.

Again thank you - great service and l wish you all a very Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.


Maria 03-12-2019

Firstly I wish to say how much I enjoy Bangers & Cash!

Secondly earlier in the Year you allowed me to inspect a MGB GT V8 even though I informed you that being a MGB GT V8 owner, any inspection was out of interest.

Despite this, although extremely busy, you still assisted me in my quest and was extremely helpful as were all your staff.

I have been reading your reviews with interest noting the vast majority of very positive comments and saddened by a few sour comments.

I felt it was necessary to comment and offer support as I believe a few individuals have unrealistic expectations and forget that you are running a business.

Although I appreciate that a TV programme will allow a certain amount of enhancement the basic appeal of the integrity of your business remains intact!

Thankfully you and your staff have not succumbed to the stardom of appearing on the show. The format is great, allowing casual watchers to get an appreciation of the various models and makes you have on offer.

I really appreciate the insight you give and the personal rapport you have with the sellers of the vehicles.

I believe you restore faith in motor traders although I know that some that appear on your programme, I could never deal with.

Thanks again for all your efforts and of your staff and hope to visit again next year.

Best regards


Robert Rose 07-11-2019

Good afternoon one and all

I’m just writing from me and Roger Malpas to say a huge THANK YOU for a fantastic weekend and not just because you sold our car. As I said to Derek, in the car park, on Sunday morning the whole experience of the weekend was so so special from the moment we arrived at Neil and Helen’s Prospect Farm camp site on Friday morning until we left on Sunday. We love Thornton and on Saturday the whole place had such a buzz about it.

There are certain times in life when you do something that you are looking forward to that turns out to be really special and unforgettable. For us this was such an occasion and the reason is down to all of you who are involved in the Mathewson organisation. 

What a wonderful family you are. All of you have time for everybody, no matter how busy you are. Always smiling, always happy and unruffled making everyone feel that what they have to say is important.

We shall be returning even if we’ve nothing to sell (although I suspect Roger will have his eye on something). In fact we have pencilled in the weekend of the February auction. We know we will have a great weekend even though it can never live up to this one which will be in our “special” memory banks.

Thank you once again, you lovely people and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

Sue and Roger 

Sue and Roger Malpas 05-11-2019

Dear Derek,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the excellent way in which you managed my sale of my ‘Landcrab’ HPH 210C in last months auction.

You are to be commended for the professional service provided and the friendly manner of all your colleagues, including having a lift to your local railway station after dropping my car off, so I may return home. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company.

It makes such a difference in this current climate to have a company that goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction


Derek Barrett 02-11-2019

I would like to thank everyone at Mathewsons for successfully selling my Austin 10/4 at your last auction. I was very grateful for all your help and the advice you gave me.  I also enjoy the TV programme!

Mr Rinaldi-Butcher 03-10-2019

Just wanted to thank you for a great day on Saturday.


Your hospitality and welcome cannot be faulted and I am over the moon with my purchase


We will definitely visit again 

Simon Shaw-Batchford 23-09-2019
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